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Find our armory here. All weapons a Chibi can own or equip

Please respect our copyright, this art is exclusive to Chibis where applicable

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Weapons follow the same rarity rules as Chibis.

Common (0) They occur with a chance of 750 in 999 = 75%

Rare (1) They occur with a chance of 170 in 999 = 17%

Mythic (2) They occur with a chance of 74 in 999 = 7.4%

Legendary (3) They are the rarest weapons out there.They only spawn 5 in 999 = 0.5%

Founder Weapons[edit | edit source]

Only Founder Chibis carry these weapons. Founders can only be bought with the Founder Token FCF we sold in our presale. About 2000 are in existence. Very rare stuff.

All of them are legendary in nature and can be traded just like any other ERC721, externally, or on our ingame market.

Golden Shaft Lightning Blade Ender Dreams Killer Soul Harvester Dawnbreaker Ban Righteous Reaping Duskbreaker Banished Sword

Common Weapons[edit | edit source]

These weapons are common and come with every Chibi.

However, they can be common, rare and even mythic in nature. This means they can have 0, 2 or 3 random stats.
Legendary Fragments can be used to increase their power, but they can not be used to make them legendary. This can only be done with gear, weapons are a lot more complicated in nature for Chibis scientists to just upgrade them to legendary status. Only the very finest of their kind can be called a legendary weapon.

Sword of Denial Gladius Will of Truth Meteor Eerie Swiftblade Copper Warblade Bronze Warblade Lifedrinker Woeful Claymore Blinkstrike Severance Tribal Spear Obsidian Blade Knee Breaker Red Scepter Heartstriker Savage Smasher Lusting Harpoon Sun Strike Silverlight Obsidian Broadsword Dragons Claw Branch of Twilight Katana Hopeless Hurlbat Dragon's Tear Scepter Aquatic Dragon Knight's Fall Dark Skeletal Snare Remorse Maple Spiritstaff King's whip Darkheart Malificent Staff

Legendary Weapons[edit | edit source]

These are our legendary weapons.

Reaper Might of Eternal Rest Omega Desolation Call of the Stars Vengeance Hellfire Buster Blade Oathkeeper Draughtbane Requiem Blade of many Cuts Candy blade

Boss Weapons[edit | edit source]

These weapons can only be claimed by their appropriate Chibi owners.
No other Chibi can ever lay hands on them. Unless of course the owner decides to sell it, foolish them.

Interrogator Eyegouger Sultan's Heart Woodie Leviathan Wrench Of Doom Popcornmaker

Special Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons that come with special chibis. These can be limited editions of famous people or from all sorts of cooperations.


Transmogs[edit | edit source]

Transmogs are like skins for your weapons. While you have your favorite weapon equipped, it might not really look that great to you. Change the looks of it with a transmog!
Transmogs don't change any settings, they are just for visual fun.

Egg Beater Cute Egg Beater