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While TRON is based on a more centralized approach then for example the Bitcoin network, it can occasionally happen to experience downtime.

Jan 11, 2019 - Main net access down

Similar to torrent networks however, you are not forced to take the same entry point. If one server goes down, you are free to just pick another one.
Of course ideally the official main node never goes down, but they are a very new network and it can happen.

Using TronLink you can just add a custom node.

In this example we are adding the Super Representative Guild Chat

Located at:
The event server is wrong in this screenshot, they don't have one, you will still need to use Trons
This is not a clickable link, you need to enter it as seen in the screenshot

New node.png

It appears that this is currently not working in TronPay.
Feel free to message us on discord or telegram if you know how to add it on TronPay.