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Find information about status effects and stats in general in here.
Although these informations are The Hunt specific, it is safe to assume that same applies in other places unless stated otherwise.

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Hunter Potion[edit | edit source]


Hunter potions can be consumed inbetween battles and last for 3 battles.
After that they wear of and it takes another 3 battles to recover from them. They are quiet potent in nature and toxicity.

Their boost in reflexes makes them fantastic to land couple crits at a boss. And the boost in damage and health can make you last that one blow longer or deal that one final hit you need.
Hunter potions are highly recommended. Every good warrior has couple of them in their inventory.

Reflexes large boost
Physique minor boost
Brainpower minor boost

Bleed[edit | edit source]


Bleeding player or creature will lose X amount of health per round, lasting 2 rounds max.
X can be normal damage or even a crit attack damage if you land a crit.

Poison[edit | edit source]


Poisoned player will lose X amount of health per round, lasting 3 rounds max.
X can be normal damage or even a crit attack damage if you land a crit.

Stun[edit | edit source]


A stunned player can do nothing for X amount of rounds. Neither take potions nor attack or defend. Armor stats still apply.

Scare[edit | edit source]


Only Halloween creatures come with a scare trait. They are pretty scary. It freezes enemies in place, by doing so it acts like a stun.
However, if you land a crit scare, your enemy will either die of a heart attack or flee the scene.

Definitions[edit | edit source]


A turn is defined as one move by a player. This can be an attack, consuming a potion or performing a skill.
Results of a status effect are applied in your turn only.


After each player takes a turn, a round finishes.
In case of The Hunt, left player takes a turn, right player takes a turn (or vice versa).
Now the round is over.

How damage is dealt[edit | edit source]

Normal attack

random (player_damage * 0.9, player_damage * 1.1)

Crit attack

player_damage * 1.5

How crit is calculated[edit | edit source]

Whatever your stat % says.
If you have a 10% crit chance, then you have a 10% chance to land a crit with each attack.

How dodge is calculated[edit | edit source]

For a player to hit or miss, it compares reflexes, it can be max of 50% otherwise players can always miss, which would be boring.

chance = ((((player_reflexes + 1) / (enemy_reflexes + 1)) -1) * -50)

e.g. both players have reflexes of 10

chance = ((((10 + 1) / (10 + 1)) -1) * -50) = 0

Both players have the same reflexes amount, so no one has a bonus to doge an attack.

e.g. player has 20 while the enemy only has 5

chance = ((((20 + 1) / (5 + 1)) -1) * -50) = -125

You will always hit him, no chance for a dodge

e.g. player has 20 while the enemy has 17

chance = ((((20 + 1) / (17 + 1)) -1) * -50) = -8

You are still fast enough to always land a hit

In reverse though, player 17 and enemy 20

chance = ((((17 + 1) / (20 + 1)) -1) * -50) = 7.1%

The enemy now has a 7.1% chance to dodge your attack