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The Hunt and The Hunt Extreme have different requirements.

New player might easily get confused why none of their Chibis can participate in The Hunt.
Find the different entry conditions explained on this page.

The Hunt - Normal[edit | edit source]

This version can only be completed once per Chibi. In return it hooks you up with all that Chibi needs to start into the Hunt Extreme.

There are no status effects or buffs active. Except the hunter potion, this will work.

Drop chances are really high and monsters are fairly easy. Just keep buying those skill points with your earned experience to level your Chibi.
And spend them to increase physique and reflexes. You won't need to look into brainpower at his point.

You can always reset your skill points. Room for experimentation.

Chibi Level[edit | edit source]

A Chibi must at least be SP-Level 1. This stands for skillpoint level 1.
You can buy skillpoints at your Chibis page with experience points the Chibi will gather in battles and adventures.

Once you bought a skillpoints, don't forget to actually spend it!
If you have unused skillpoints you will see UPGRADE next to physique, reflexes and brainpower. Click it.

Let's have a look at an example

The King of Chibis is SP-Level 2. He bought 2 skillpoints in total. Note the RESET button next to the level. You can reset your skillpoint allocation anytime.

He only spent 1 skillpoint, that's why he has 1 still available.
You can also find its experience above. The (0) suggests you have enough experience to buy another skillpoint. Otherwise it show the amount of experience still needed.

Find your UPGRADE buttons next to Physique, Reflexes and Brainpower.

Chibi detail.png

Entry Fee[edit | edit source]

To register a Chibi Fighter for The Hunt you will also need 1x bounty contract Bounty.png.

You can get them for the consumable market for gold, or from doing adventures. This includes other players taking your Chibi along. Always set your Chibi to clan lending if you are not playing for a bit.

The Hunt - Extreme[edit | edit source]

Once you completed The Hunt with any Chibi Warrior you will unlock The Hunt Extreme.

It is a lot beefier version of the normal hunt, can be grinded endlessly and rewards you with gear, loot and potions.

Status effects and buffs are active. You can read more about them over here

Chibi Level[edit | edit source]

Only a Level 5 warrior can even think about competing in it.
You will fail, and you will fail a lot. But don't give up, your Chibi will grow stronger and stronger and sooner or later you will defeat the final boss.

Entry Fee[edit | edit source]

To unlock a Chibi for The Hunt you need to pay 10x Bounty Contracts Bounty.png and 500 Coins Coin.png This is a one time entry fee per Chibi.

Since you can grind The Hunt Extreme at will, it costs you 1x health potion Healthpotion.png to revive after dying.

It is highly recommended to use hunter potions Hunterpotion.png. They give a great bonus for battles.