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The Hunt[edit | edit source]

The Hunt is our core game. Here your Chibi can fight off orcs and bosses, loot gear, potions and other utilities that might come in handy.
It is a great place to level your Chibi.

If you are just starting out, use your XP to get your Chibi up a level. And more importantly: Spend that skillpoint on physique!

Chibis don't level automatically! You have to use XP to get skillpoints yourself.

It is suggested to have a Level 2 Chibi before starting the Hunt.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

tl;dr - quick recap

SP-level 1 Chibi, 1xBanana.png and each time your Chibi dies 1x health potion Healthpotion.png

Stats and Effects[edit | edit source]

Find everything about stats and effects over here

The Hunt[edit | edit source]

Chibi Level[edit | edit source]

A Chibi must at least be SP-Level 1. This stands for skillpoint level 1.
You can get skillpoints at your Chibis page with experience points the Chibi will gather in battles and adventures. It will not auto level.

Once you bought a skillpoints, don't forget to actually spend it!
If you have unused skillpoints you will see UPGRADE next to physique, reflexes and brainpower. Click it.


The Turbo Turban is SP-Level 7. He bought 7 skillpoints in total. Note the RESET button next to the level. You can reset your skillpoint allocation anytime, this will allow to redistribute them at your own leisure. It will not reset the level of the Chibi. It will still remain level 7. But with unspent skillpoints, a very weak level 7 Chibi.

He spent 6 skillpoint, that's why he has 1 still available.
You can also find its experience above (7736). The (0) suggests you have enough experience to buy another skillpoint. Otherwise it would show the amount of experience still needed.

Find your UPGRADE buttons next to Physique, Reflexes and Brainpower.
You would want to spend your very first point on physique. Just to get some health and damage in.

Chibi detail.png

Entry Fee[edit | edit source]

To unlock a Chibi for The Hunt you need to pay 1x Banana Banana.png This is a one time entry fee per Chibi (unless you reset or defeat the final boss).

It will cost you 1x health potion Healthpotion.png to revive after dying (this happens automatically, just keep going, there is no "drink" button).

It is highly recommended to use hunter potions Hunterpotion.png. They give a great bonus for battles.

If you reset the Hunt, for example to start on a lower level (e.g. during farming) you will need to pay entry fee again.

Loot drops[edit | edit source]

Various mobs can drop loot.
Each enemy has a small chance of dropping a common gear item. However, only bosses or piggy can drop rare or higher levels.

General chances without modifier from traits

Common (0) 750 in 1000 = 75%

Rare (1) 170 in 1000 = 17%

Mythic (2) 74 in 1000 = 7.4%

Legendary (3) Only spawn 5 in 1000 = 0.5%