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Is Chibi Fighters a good investment? And why on earth is there a wiki?

Chibi Fighters is a great investment. You can make money straight from the get go with a minimal initial investment.
The fact that Chibis is so complex that we decided to create a wiki speaks for itself.

In it's core it is a very simple game. But if you dive into its depths you will be rewarded with an amazing game experience.

What are Chibis?[edit | edit source]

Chibis are a token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It follows the ERC721 token standard. They are a so called non-fungible token.

How much is a Chibi?[edit | edit source]

Chibis cost 0.07 ETH (but depending price fluctuations might adopt to keep a value of ~25USD)

Can I trade my Chibis?[edit | edit source]

Yes, you can buy, sell and offer Chibis for fusion. We are partners with market place for your convenience. That way you can save lots of money getting a Gen1+ Chibi or just make some Ether by selling your fusions.

How many Chibis are there?[edit | edit source]

We currently sport 34 different Gen0 Chibis. This does not include Special Boss Chibis. But more Chibis will be added over time. There will be variations like facial expressions and weapons on these 34 Chibis resulting in ~3000 unique Gen0 Chibis (some Chibis wear masks). Real uniqueness happens in the fusion lab. Each Chibi has genes and the Fusion lab will blend Chibis genetic pool resulting in ~68,999,505,236 unique Chibis.

What is the Fusion lab[edit | edit source]

You can offer your Chibis for fusion, this process will not destroy your Chibi. Crazy scientists take a drop of blood of each Chibi and create a new one. These new Chibis look quite fun and are great to be sold, collected or put in the Ring of Death. Genetic blending results in ~68,999,505,236 unique Chibis.

Battle system[edit | edit source]

Our fights are off chain and do not involve Gas or Gwei, but you can win real Ether! We aim for quick, casual fun on a plain battlefield, but we also offer a roleplay module, too. Select your battle moves and send the Chibi into a fight. Once an opponent accepts this fight it will be solved immidiately and the winner receives ETHShards or Coins.
Both Chibis return to their owners. ETHShards can be swapped back to real Ether.

Ring of Death[edit | edit source]

Same deal, but here the loser will lose his Chibi. It will perish, sadly and plaster the Halls of the Fallen.
As a Bonus we have a special pot dedicated to these Fights, the winner receives the Ether of the match plus a bonus.
This sytem is currently being overhauld since Chibis do cost quiet an amount and the permadeath did not go well with everyone. Your Chibi will still die, but not permamently.

Founding Chibis[edit | edit source]

Founding Chibis are Chibis that are only available to people that bought Founder Token before official release.
They come with insanely looking weapons and a special tag/mark/symbol. They will never ever be available after release.

What are FCFs?[edit | edit source]

We were selling Founder Token in a presale event. They are an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain called FCF.
They can be exchanged for Chibis at any time.
These Chibis will be Founder Chibis with receive a special tag, weapon, surprise. It is unique and after release Founder Chibis won\'t be available, ever. Some players still have some and might sell you one, just ask in our discord

Additional modes[edit | edit source]

We are meanwhile in open Beta. The game is not set in stone and new modes will most likely make it into the game before release.
Find our [/changelog.php Changelog], we are very active in development.

Feedback / Contact[edit | edit source]

Send us your feedback at

Common errors[edit | edit source]

Login Failing[edit | edit source]

When being behind a firewall of proxy, the login might fail. We use ports 2053 and 2083 for login and multiplayer games.
Check your port to see if it is open here:

OpenSea[edit | edit source]

My image is not showing or just the baby Chibi is showing.

This can happen when the baby image is stored in the cache of OpenSea. You can force it to reload the image by using a link like such (where 3449 would need to be replaced with your TokenId)