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Live Battles[edit | edit source]

OGs will remember Live Battles. While they are currently taken down for a complete overhaul, they will return eventually. And it will be epic.

Offline Battles[edit | edit source]

With various battle modes available Chibi Fighters, you have a lot of options to kill some time.
Find open battles here (generally it’s best to start one, rather than look for one, they are gone so fast)


Someone just won 0.002 ETH (~1 USD) easy peasy.

But let’s start from the beginning, here is how they work:

Just think rock, paper and scissors. The core module is just that. There are more battle modes to come of course.

But this core module means — No leveling, no special traits, plain battle field: Quick and casual fun for everyone

Battle Moves[edit | edit source]

Chibis have 3 battle moves


Stab (Paper)[edit | edit source]

A straight stab at your opponent

Swing (Rock)[edit | edit source]

A wide swing with your weapon

Dodge (Scissors)[edit | edit source]

A swift move trying to evade the enemy

For easy understanding just think:

Swing — Rock

Stab — Paper

Dodge — Scissor

Open Battles[edit | edit source]

You can find all Chibis waiting for a fight, here. But battles are gone very fast. It’s best to go to your Chibis detail page and start a fight, rather than picking one.

You can do this here. Select a warrior and scroll down, set the moves, play for coins or Gems.

Select your 5 moves and off the Chibi goes into war.

Our battles are fully off chain. Of course playing with predefined moves doesn’t really give you a tactical advantage. This is more for the casual gamer who is busy doing other things or before bedtime. Send your warriors out there and see the results the next day.