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Garry made a great video series getting you started in no time.

Hop over to our youtube channel and have a look.


To be able to play Chibi Fighters, one of the hottest games out there, you will need metamask or a mobile dapp browser.

Ethereum[edit | edit source]

Think of Ethereum as an operating system. It's a so called utility chain. It is a lot more than just a currency.

While Chibi Fighters Wiki as a whole does not exist on the blockchain, you would literally need to pay money just to rename your character, no one wants that. All vital parts exist on chain.

For example ownership of the tokens. You can do whatever you want with it. Sell it to a stranger, gift it to a friend. You are the sole owner of your Chibi.
Once we moon, you might even make a lot of money.

There are dozens of exchanges that sell Ether. Just google around. You want to buy Ethereum.
Only caveat, don't go for Ethereum Classic. Despite a very very similar name they are not the same. It's a long and interesting story, you can google it. Just make sure to get the widely adopted Ethereum.

Chrome[edit | edit source]

If you are playing on a PC or laptop, Mac, Windows, Linux, you will need a browser plugin called MetaMask.

You can find it here MetaMask


Once it's installed you'll find a little fox in the top right of your browser.

Just follow the steps and never ever lose your 12 word mnemonic or share it with anyone.
This is literally like handing someone your bank account wide open.

When interacting with dApps like Chibi Fighters Wiki the wallet needs to be unlocked. dApps can't see you if your wallet is locked.

Mobile[edit | edit source]

There are various mobile dApp browsers out there. dApp stands for decentralized app. A fancy word for something that is supposed to run on the blockchain.

It is just like any app or game out there, but in order to play it on mobile you need a so called web3 object. Just think of it as a plugin you need, but since you can not install plugins on your mobile browser, you will need a browser with web3 built in. A so called dapp browser. Literally nothing else than your John Doe browser with a plugin called web3 in it.

There are various browsers out there, we want to recommend Trust Wallet


Gas costs[edit | edit source]

Now that you got a wallet and some Ether, short form for Ethereum, not the gas :D get ready to start gaming.

One crucial thing beginners will often skip are gas costs.

See, every transaction on the blockchain needs to be verified, mined or somehow processed. Those people don't let these machines run for free. To pay them there are gas costs.

Here is a great tool showing you the gas costs


In the image above you can see that 4 gwei are currently where most transactions are processed. So setting your gwei to 5 will make sure that it doesn't take forever to process.

Gwei can be very confusing, but all it really is is a multiplier. Let's assume your transaction costs 1$ then you can offer it for 1$ * 1. Which would be worth to a miner 1$

Now there are 1000 other people who offer a 1$ transaction for a multiplier of 5. Makes 5$, needless to say that miners will put your transaction all the way at the end and only once all the other 1000 transactions are done they will process yours.

Just a very simplified version to explain gwei, but it sums it up

But now be very very careful. Some ICOs and scumbags will ask you to increase your GWEI to 60 or even higher!
At first this might not seem like something scary, but check this out, your 1$ transaction all of a sudden has a multiplier of 100 attached to it. That makes it 100$ just in fees!
Of course it will be mined in no time, no doubt about that, but you will also have paid big time for it.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Always check your GWEI! Gas station mentioned above should be a bookmark in your crypto folder.

Also this cool converter can you find gwei in there?
See it's nothing else than a fraction of Ethereum, but instead of saying it costs 0.000000001 ETH, they just say 1 GWEI please. Same thing, different ..

And while we are at awesome tools, this one is great too
Just insert any currency you like, swap them, enter any number, even 0.01 works. Ultra handy.