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Fusion Lab[edit | edit source]

The fusion lab, as confusing as it sounds, does not destroy any Chibis. 2 Chibis go in, 3 Chibis come out!

No one loses their Chibi.

This is the place to go if you want to inherit new traits or just create a new Chibi for your Adventures and battles.

You can filter Chibis by rarity and trait 1 and 2. Trait 3 is not listed here since you can never inherit it, so fusions won’t hand it to you.

The Chibi itself does not inherit any special features like looks. We are not really a breeding game. Gen 1+ will be a wild mix of all genes out there and that is what makes them extra special.
You will find the cutest creations in a Gen1+, but also the ugliest. Not that any Chibi would be ugly of course.

How does trait inheritance work?[edit | edit source]

Let’s say you fuse with a Chibi that has traits. Let’s call it mother for simplicity:
Frenzy, Lab Crazy, Scientist.

While your own Chibi has, we'll call it father for the time being:
Rage, Aggro, Commander

Please note that trait 3 can never be inherited. In the above example Scientist and Commander.

Possible Outcome[edit | edit source]

father trait, mother trait, random - (Rage, Lab Crazy, Random)

mother trait, father trait, random - (Frenzy, Aggro, Random)

father trait, father trait, random - (Rage, Aggro, Random)

mother trait, mother trait, random - (Frenzy, Lab Crazy, Random)

random, random, random - (Random, Random, Random)

Mystery Traits[edit | edit source]


For example Lizard people have rare, powerful, unique traits to inherit.

Mystery traits are traits that are not revealed yet. Generally they start at 9000 in the DNA sequence.

You can only inherit them from special or boss Chibis.

They are very valuable since you can only inherit them by fusing with a boss Chibi.