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Contracts[edit | edit source]

TRON[edit | edit source]

Addresses[edit | edit source]

If you have an indexer site like or here are the required contract addresses:


Ethereum[edit | edit source]

Addresses[edit | edit source]

If you have an indexer site like or or generally interested in our verified contracts and how they work, here are the required contract addresses:


Remix[edit | edit source]

If you are not a programmer but still want to interact with our contracts, let's say when our website is down, or generally just to feel like a cool nerd, I highly recommend checking out remix.

You can load the code in a tool like remix, found HERE at the correct address and you will feel like a programmer in no time.


Step 1[edit | edit source]

Copy our code and paste it in window 1.

Step 2[edit | edit source]

Over in this area you can either select injected (which will connect to your metamask, so if you logged in your wallet and on mainnet this will show your wallet address and mainnet).

Alternatively you can set it to javascript vm which will just be a local test env. So you can test your code etc. All off chain, with simulated ether.

Set it to Injected and Mainnet

Step 3[edit | edit source]

Select the contract you want to deploy, in this case I pasted the code from daily rewards, and DailyRewards is the contract name we want to deploy.

Since this is already on the blockchain you do not want to deploy it.

What you want to do is load it At Address

Then enter an address of the corresponding contract, in this case for daily rewards which is: 0xD31A5AfCF4f2168d0e3A47685C85b2166EDf69d9

Step 4[edit | edit source]

Now that you are linked to our contract you can find all sorts of buttons (functions) below.

In the screenshot I clicked on nextReward and it loaded the data.

Red buttons are functions that will write to the blockchain and cost ether.
While blue buttons just read from the blockchain and are free.

Voila, now you can claim your daily reward without ever touching our website.

Contracts[edit | edit source]

Here are the contracts plus their ABI.

Chibi Fighters Core[edit | edit source]

Address 0x71C118B00759B0851785642541Ceb0F4CEea0BD5

Chibi Fighters Wiki ABI

Chibi Fighters Core CODE

Daily Rewards[edit | edit source]

Address 0xD31A5AfCF4f2168d0e3A47685C85b2166EDf69d9

Daily Rewards ABI

Daily Rewards CODE

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Address 0x9db37d15fefbf42dc390c3c81fee453465841038

Weapons ABI

Weapons CODE