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Clan lending is crucial for beginners and should pretty much be the first thing you do with a new Chibi.
Don't need to be part of a clan, just set your Chibi for it and people will pick it up. That way you gain experience and loot without doing anything.

Clan Lending[edit | edit source]

One of the most important things for beginners are clan features.

You don't need to join any, but whenever you are out for a bit, even if it is just overnight. Set your Chibis for clan.
That way other players can pick it up and take it out on adventures.

This will not only shorten adventure time most of the times, it will also double the loot.

And not just their loot. You will also have a chance to get some of the loot. That way you can pretty early on get your hands on loot from higher level dungeons you don't have access to yet at all.

Set for clan.png

Clans[edit | edit source]

A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent.

Clan crystal coven.png

Crystal Coven

This clan was established by followers of Kami and the Prime Sage. They wish to fight whilst keeping peace. They live by the Laws of War and Rules for Honor.

Clan titans.png


Chibi birthed and blessed by Mother Gaia. They swear to protect her and her lands, vanquishing all who intend to do her harm.

Clan retribution.png


Founded by those trying to enact revenge upon others. Whether it be anger, hate, or fear, they have long believed it is possible to weaponize such emotions to overcome any obstacle.

Clan red stag.png

Red Stag

Strong and proud warriors that have banded together in attempt to create the most powerful clan. The red represents the splattered blood of their victims. The stag represents their speed and strength in battle.

Clan snek squad.png

Snek Squad

Scaly lizardmen and slippery bandits/thieves. Not inherently evil, but more so out for their own survival. May double cross you for their own gain.