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The butcher game is our first step towards the realm of multiplayer. Team up with clan mates or friends and bring the hammer down.

Depending group size, traits and skills blue chests will spawn that can contain all sorts of items. At the moment just ETHShards, but that's already pretty cool. Who doesn't like free money?

Free Chibis can play the butcher game, but are not currently eligible to win ETHShards.

The number of shards available for butcher players to win is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once the pot is emptied, there is also a timer shown, which counts down to the next refill of the butcher pot.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Smack everything. Smack chests, smack apples.

Apples Bonus time

Normal chests Coins and short bonus time

Blue chests ETHShards or other items. Harder to open, best to bring friends along.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Various things will result in a bonus.

Group size[edit | edit source]

The more the merrier, but each game is limited to 4 players. All the eligible players will split the shards won during their game.

While a one player game will return 1 ETHShard max per blue chest. A 3 player party would result in 3 ETHShards max per chest.
Plus the additional bonus from traits.

But beware, the more players your group has, the harder it will be to open a chest. +1 hit per player.
The additional spawn rate easily makes up for that though.

Generation[edit | edit source]

Gen0 Chibis receive a 1.5% bonus on spawning a blue chest.

Founders will receive a 3% bonus on spawning a blue chest, for a total of 4.5% since founders are also gen0.

Rarity[edit | edit source]

The rarer your Chibi, the more likely blue chests will spawn. Imagine a group of legendaries!

The rarer the Chibi the higher the max amount of ETHShards that can spawn in one chest.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Apple spawn chance[edit | edit source]

Lazy Bum +1.5% spawn chance

Leaf +1.5% spawn chance

Rooted +1.5% spawn chance

Calm +1.5% spawn chance

Blue chests spawn chance[edit | edit source]

Chaos - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

Demon - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

Monk - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

Archaeologist - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

Elementalist - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

Leader - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

Prime - blue chest spawn bonus (1.5%)

No Horses! - blue chest spawn bonus (1.6%)

Globetrotter - blue chest spawn bonus (1.6%)

More ETHShards[edit | edit source]

Founder +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Soul Stealer +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Cleric +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Beam of Light +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Scholar +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Guide +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Discoverer +1 ETHShard max per blue chest

Mystery Traits *1.6 on max shards (don't stack)