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Adventures[edit | edit source]

Adventures are our so called idle gaming part. You send Chibis out in the wild, team up with mates and wait for them to return with precious loot.
This is great when you have to go to school or bed. Send them off, and by the time you have some spare time they might have returned with lots of loot.

Chibis island is full of lush vegetation, jungle, mountains, caves, deserted areas. You can find a bit of everything around.
Perfect conditions for an adventurous little fighter. Chibis are curious and seek out adventure.

There are various traits that will help your Chibi out. For example shorten adventure time, return more loot or even find ETHShards.
Find details about traits over here


Scavenging Missions[edit | edit source]

Marker 0+ on map

You are sending your Chibi out in the wild to scavenge whatever it can find.
There is no prerequisite to them so they are great for starters. They will get you potions to use in the hunt and other goodies.

Even better than sending one Chibi, is sending an entire group. Scavenging groups can be up to 3 Chibis in size, so fill those empty spots with other Chibis.


Grouping[edit | edit source]

Once you started an adventure you will find it below the map. All groups are listed down there.
There will be an option left to your group with 2 options: Own Chibis and Player Support

Group add.png

What is the benefit?
Each Chibi uses their traits when added to an adventure. Meaning it can reduce travel time, increase loot, and generally have most of the time benefits.


Starting Chihuahuan with 1 Chibi will have 1 Chibi going out there and coming back with 1x loot. Filling that adventure with 5 Chibis, sends 6 Chibis out there who will return with 6x loot.

And even better. Let's say you own 6 Chibis.
You can start 6x Chihuahuan with just 1 Chibi each. So far still the same, 6x loot (expect you had to pay entry fee 6x which is bad). But now you fill up each adventure with player support Chibis (not your own Chibis).
And with the power of calculus you now have 6 x 6 = 36 Chibis out there gathering loot for you. 36x loot. Out of your small army of originally 6 Chibis.

Own Chibis[edit | edit source]

This will open a selection menu of your own Chibis. Only available Chibis you own are displayed here. Use the "Load more" button to load more Chibis.

Player Support[edit | edit source]

The game will suggest you a couple of Chibis to take along. These Chibis belong to other players.
While they will receive a little loot, too. On your end, they will count as if it was your own Chibi. Full loot for you. For the cheap coin fee they cost, great value.

The "Refresh" button will load a new set of Chibis to chose from.

And here you are, an army of Chibis out there adventuring. But don't worry, you can still use these Chibis for other things while they are gone.